Blend Them Up

Health professionals say that breakfast is the most important meal in a day. This is because breakfast is the meal that gives you the energy to kick-start your day. My kids and I have always maintained a routine of keeping our breakfast as healthy and nutritious as possible and that is why we love making a blend of fruit smoothies and share them for breakfast.

Breakfast i the table picture

Incorporating fruit smoothies in your breakfasts is the best way to give your body a dose of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients every morning. They are also very tasty, easy and quick to prepare and they give you a chance to treat your body with all kinds of fruits. The result is a healthy, strong and energetic body. If you have never thought of incorporating fruit smoothies in your weekly lineup, here are a number of benefits and reasons why fruit smoothies should routinely feature in your diet.


They strengthen your bones


Strong bones are very crucial and especially as you continue advancing in age. Eating healthy foods that will strengthen your bones while you are still young will therefore minimize your chances of suffering from osteoporosis when you become older.


Examples of such healthy foods are the ones that are naturally alkaline in nature like cantaloupe, grape, passion fruit and fig. Fruit smoothies are called that because they have a wealth of fruits in them, which are packed with different nutrients.   


They boost your energy

Glasses of fruit juice

Fruits, especially when taken in the morning will give you an energy kick to start your day. Taking a glassful of fruit smoothie in the morning on an empty stomach releases healthy natural sugars directly into your bloodstream, giving you a nice energy boost. Just give the fruits a few minutes to kick in and you will be charged for the day ahead.


Weight loss and management


If you have been trying to shed off some pounds without any success, then this is certainly the right time to introduce fruit smoothies in your diet. Most of the diets for people who want to lose weight are usually very boring making it hard for the person to adhere to them.


Fruit smoothies, on the other hand, are super tasty and they will help you lose the unwanted pounds. They are packed with fiber that keeps you feeling fuller for longer, minimizing your chances of constantly snacking on unhealthy foods. They also boost your energy, motivating you to work out longer and they are rich in antioxidants that help in flushing off toxins that could be contributing to weight gain.


Boosts your immune power


Fruits are generally very healthy since they are rich in vitamins, fiber, minerals and other nutrients that are crucial to your body. Taking more fruits translates to a healthier body. Fruit smoothies boost the power of the immune system meaning that you will not be falling sick easily. Fruits also keep your skin looking healthier and younger all the time. Who does not want a youthful and glowing skin anyway!


It is affordable and easy to make


Fruit smoothies are among the easiest and convenient recipes to prepare since they only take just a few minutes of your time. Fruits are also readily available in your nearest grocery store at a pocket-friendly cost. As long as you have invested in a good blender, there is no reason why you should not start enjoying fruit smoothies for your everyday breakfast.

Getting A New One

In life, it is the little things that matter and one of those things is a good drink to kick-start the day in the morning. For me, a smoothie works best. I like to pack my body with nutrients that will keep me going throughout the day. That is why a blender is among my most favorite appliances in the kitchen since smoothies, iced coffees and margaritas are a routine feature in my diet.


Recently though, I found myself in need of a new blender as my old one gave up the ghost on me. Sheepishly, I admit that I did overwork it sometimes. I need to get myself a new blender to replace the old one as soon as possible. For home appliances and other stuff that I use to make my life better, I first look for information first, and one of the best places to seek this information is Wife Knows. I consider this one the one-stop center for everything home related.


As I was shopping for my new unit, I realized that getting the best unit from the wide variety of blenders currently in the market can be quite a task. I therefore decided to dedicate some time to go through different blenders so that I could end up with a great choice. After comparing different types of blenders, the following two units ranked the best.


Have a look at each of them:


Braun PureMix JB7172BK Blender

Braun PureMix JB7172BK

The Braun PureMix JB7172BK is a high-quality blender that takes your blending to new levels with a lot of ease and innovation. This blender puts in you in control so that you can continue achieving consistent and optimum blending results.


This unit comes with seven unique preprogrammed settings that allow you to do a lot of things to make your drink to your desired quality. You can liquefy, stir, crush and pulse for amazing and smooth results with every recipe. The blender has a stainless steel base that makes it stand out, a 56-ounce ThermoResist glass pitcher and a measuring cup for measuring and adding ingredients to your recipes.


The whole blade assembly can be detached and it is dishwash-able, making the unit very easy to clean. The control panel is sealed to allow you to easily and safely wipe away any drip or residues. This unit operates relatively quietly and you can, therefore, wake up early in the morning to make your favorite smoothie without waking up a soul. All the settings are very easy to use and you can enjoy making your smoothies, milkshakes or frozen margaritas with a lot of ease and precision. You know you need some of these drinks for your nightcap, to enjoy better sleep at night.



Dishwasher safe

Quiet operation

Easy to use controls

Sturdy glass pitcher with a comfortable grip

Comes with a clear comprehensive manual



The blender jar is slightly difficult to attach to the base


COSORI 1500W Blender



The COSORI 1500W is a heavy-duty, premier quality blender that is great for making smoothies, milkshakes, preparing soups, grinding coffee beans and spices, making frozen margaritas and iced coffees among others. This blender has a powerful 1500-watt motor that has a rotation speed of about 30,000 rotations per minute, delivering smooth and amazing results all the time.


You can check this site to see just how much oomph you are going to get from this blender. It is best if you have a family and you like to make healthy smoothies for them all the time.


This unit comes with an easy-to-use control panel that has various speed controls, a soup function and a pulse feature. The 70-ounce plastic BPA free pitcher is large enough for a whole family recipe, and the package includes a tamper that allows you to press hard to process ingredients close to the blades. A smaller travel-friendly 27-ounce container with a tight lid is included in the package, thus allowing you to carry your favorite fresh fruit juice with you to your workplace.  


The blade assembly has six sturdy stainless steel razor sharp blades that are able to break down your ingredients effortlessly and with precision. A cleaning brush is included in the package to help you clean your unit easily and the pitcher, travel bottle and the lid are dishwasher-friendly



30-day money-back guarantee

Sturdy and durable construction


Easy to use controls




Bathing a Cat

Most of my friends call me a cat lady because of my immense love for cats. Giving your cat a bath can however be very stressful even for a cat lady like me and sometimes it can turn out to be a horrifying experience if your feline decides to use its claws on you. Cats are generally clean pets and they will groom themselves naturally using their tongue, but you will be required to give your cat a bath in case it gets into a stinking or greasy stuff.

Our white cat got into some black stuff recently, which left it smelling and looking awful. It was necessary for me to give her a bath as soon as possible before the stuff could dry up sticking on her fur.

I used some good tips that I found online and unlike the previous cleaning experiences that were full of trouble, this time around the experience was less stressful and troublesome. Here are some of those tips.


Timing is crucial


Find the most appropriate time to give a bath to your cat. It is advisable to catch the pet when it is on the best of moods. You can put your cat in a good mood by engaging in a playful time with toys before taking the pet to the bathroom.


Trim those claws for your safety

Picture trimming the cat claws


Before bathing your feline, cat experts recommend that you trim its claws to avoid nasty incidences.


Brush the fur


The next thing you should do after trimming the claws is give your pet some nice brushing in order to get rid of any debris or any loose fur. This is also the right time to slowly put a piece of cotton wool in its ears to prevent water from getting in.


Get the water ready


Fill a sink or a tub with about three inches of warm water and ensure that the water is not hot lest you burn your pet. Put a rubber mat on the base of the sink or tub to ensure that it will not be slipping as you bathe it.


Wet the body and leave the face

White cat taking a bath

Use your hands to put the cat in the water and wet its fur thoroughly while avoiding the face.


Use cat shampoo


Pour some considerable amount of cat shampoo on the cat’s fur and massage it gently to form a nice lather. Rub the fur gently starting from the head area while avoiding the face to the tail.


Rinse the cat thoroughly


Once you are certain that the entire body is clean, use some warm water to rinse off the shampoo from the fur. Ensure that you rinse off all the soap and shampoo thoroughly because leaving some residues will cause some irritations on your cat’s skin or the cat may end up licking it, which might make it suffer some stomach upsets.


Rub the face clean


Soak a washcloth in warm water that does not have soap and use it to gently wipe the cats face. Never immerse a cat’s face in the water because it might get irritated and get back on you.


Pat with a warm towel to dry


Now that your cat is clean, remove it from the water and wrap it with a big towel to keep it warm and pat it dry with the towel in a warm place.


Give your cat a treat for behaving nicely


Cats are also happy when they are praised and after conducting itself well during the bath, be sure to praise it and give it a delicious treat. This will encourage it to be in its best behavior next time as it will learn to associate treats with good behavior.